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What will I talk about?

· knitting,sewing

I have been wondering if it's time to think about writing a blog. Let's have a go and see where this blogging journey takes us. This one will probably be short as I get my head around it. But then again, I have a tendency to waffle, just as I do in normal conversation, so the post may end up longer than I think. Bear with me. And please leave me some feedback (but please be kind!)!

I wondered if I might blog about making my Port Trousers. I spent a lot of time unpicking and resewing the first ones, with great chunks taken out of the side seams. Clearly I chose the wrong size to make. The fabric I used for those first ones was on a 50% off sale, so I figured I'd use that as my "muslin", before cutting into the more expensive fabric I really wanted to make them out of.

And then I thought I might blog about whatever I am knitting at the current time. Perhaps about the design process of whatever is in my head and in whatever stage of being finished at whatever time. Hey, I might even talk about the thoughts and anxiety that bring me down and stop the flow of whatever project I'm working on at the time. It's very complicated inside my head. This post is all musings of course, for future blog posts. A virtual spewing of my thoughts. That's kinda gross. Sorry.

Anyway. Watch this space as I feel a post is necessary. Sometimes I may need to just get things out of my head. Who knows. This could be fun!

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