• This is Us

    We are Roger and Vanessa Harper, a husband and wife team who are creative and hard-working. We live on a couple of acres in rural South Canterbury and we love the lifestyle we have here away from the city where we both grew up. We grow veges in our garden, we have animals and a creek in our paddock and we are a short walk from one of the many local rivers. It's a wholesome and "real" lifestyle and we'd love to share it with you.

    Here is a little of what Hanging Rock Roost can offer you.

    Knitwear Pattern Design, Project Bags and Greeting Cards

    Vanessa is a prolific knitter and in 2015 added pattern design to her portfolio. You can find her designs in the Store or on Ravelry by clicking the links in the menu above. Click on the link above and you're away. You can also find a collection of Greeting Cards and Enamel Pins in the Store. These are perfect for the knitter in your life. They are all hand-drawn by Vanessa and most of them are knitting or crafting related.

    Hand Dyed Yarn

    As a Graphic Designer, and general maker of all things, Vanessa has always had a love for colour. So it felt like a natural progression to add dyeing yarn as another string to her bow. So in the midst of the madness that was 2020, Vanessa embarked on her new yarn dyeing passion. The yarns are available here in the Store. If there is a base that you love that hasn't got a colour that you've seen elsewhere in the Store, or there isn't enough of something that you'd like, please get in touch because we are more than happy to make a custom listing for you and get it done for you.

    Graphic Design

    Vanessa is a Graphic Designer with extensive experience in advertising, design and mac operating in Auckland and in London. She has been in the industry since 1994, and has been self-employed since returning to New Zealand from London in 2003. She and Roger have three boys that Vanessa has had the primary responsibility for while they've been small, but as the youngest is now at school it is time to kick up a notch and make a contribution to the family finances. That's where you come in. Click on the Contact Us link in the menu above to get in touch and talk about how Vanessa can help with a new logo design or a business card. Maybe you need a flyer designed, or you need an ad in the local paper to get your business name in all the local households. Vanessa's attention to detail is impeccable, her rates are very competitive and she is building relationships with local printers in Timaru and in Ashburton. Get in touch to arrange a time to sit down over a coffee and together you can figure out exactly what you're after.


    Roger has long enjoyed exploring the countryside with a camera, capturing the beauty that is our land. We will be offering his prints either framed and ready to hang, or unframed so you can choose your own frame. Watch this space for more detail. He is also pretty handy with product photography to complement Vanessa's design work should the need arise, and of course, all the photoshoots for the patterns are a team effort with Roger behind the camera.

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    This is our place

    It's where we live, love, grow, create and nurture.