Tarras Yarn – Ma Roost Colourway

Tarras Yarn – Ma Roost Colourway

Tarras is a 4ply Corriedale wool yarn – the 4ply version of my DK Nevis, this yarn is soft, light and luscious and suitable for all sorts of projects*

• hand-dyed, 4 ply / fingering weight
• approx 416 m per 100 g
• gentle hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry

*Not recommended for socks due to the lack of sturdy fibres and the risk of holes forming.
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My lovely mum (Ma Roost) has been very generously knitting samples of my patterns for me, in Hanging Rock Roost yarn. She might just have the speediest needles in the west! She asked me to dye her a pale, slightly dirty (but not really grubby), warm pink. I tried a couple of options and this was the one she loved the most. You can see why eh?

** While I have done my best to represent the colour as accurately as possible, please be mindful of the fact that screens, devices and monitors all display colours slightly differently to each other. The yarn that arrives in your mailbox may look slightly different from the one you saw on the screen.**