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    Welcome to the Hanging Rock Roost Store. All our knitting patterns are designed by Vanessa, who takes her inspiration from the world around her. Sometimes nature is the influence, other times she may see a garment on her travels and commit it to memory to recreate on her needles. They are all well-written and uncomplicated, and many of them have charts to follow along with the written pattern. In most instances, you have a choice of PDF or printed patterns.The PDF is an automatic download to the email address you supply. As of August 2020, Hanging Rock Roost now also sells hand-dyed yarn.In time, the plan is to design patterns to sell with the yarn as kits for your knitting convenience. While we are working on that, you get to check out the yarn we have already dyed up. We will match up yarns with patterns we think will work well in the meantime.You'll also find a selection of handmade project bags, hand-drawn stationery creations, and enamel pins here. Happy shopping!